Sweet & (slightly) Tart Carrots

Time: 1hr 10min


  • 1 lbs raw carrots
  • 2 tbsp granulated white sugar
  • Enough Fresh-squeezed orange juice to cover the carrots in the pot. (We used 14 mandarin oranges)


  1. Peel and chop the carrots.

2. Juice the oranges.

3. Put carrots and orange juice in the pot.

4. Sprinkle in the sugar, bring it to a simmer on medium-low heat, and let them cook. 

5. You don’t want to boil them, and you’re going to let them cook until the juice makes a syrup, which will be after the carrots are soft.

We cooked these for just about one hour, so that they still had texture and were not mushy. 

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